• Revitalise  Polish 500ml
  • Revitalise  Polish 500ml
  • Revitalise  Polish 500ml
Elite Clique

Revitalise Polish 500ml

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Revitalise is a high quality polish formulated specifically for removing minor paint imperfections, scratches and swirls by hand application.
It contains mild abrasives, lubricants and silicones which leave your paintwork with a smooth finish and deep gloss.
How to use
1:Shake well before use. 
2:Apply to clean and thoroughly dry paintwork with a micro-fibre or polish applicator pad using a circular motion until a thin even film is achieved.
3:Apply to one panel at a time, and allow to dry (but not allowing the product to dry out fully in direct sunlight), before removing and polishing to a deep gloss with a clean and dry cloth.
Revives dull and tired paintwork with a high gloss finish.
Suitable for all motor vehicle finishes. 
High speed as well as hand application and removal
Contains a blend  soil repelling additives.
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