• Malboro Crx

Malboro Crx

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Tired and bored of the same look of your Car? We've got just the thing for you, Vehicle wrapping!


Able to produce any design, livery and look you are after! Full colour changes to really set you car off for this show season! A livery design to set you self apart from the rest on race day!

Or maybe even to just give your car the extra touch with the details.


Fitted kits

options as follows (based on cars original colour)

£799.99 Full fitted kit based on cars standard colour excluding bumpers

£949.99 Full fitted kit based on cars standard colour including bumpers

Fitted kits

options as follows (including colour change)

£1799.99 Full fitted kit  excluding bumpers

£1949.99 Full fitted kit  including bumpers

All Fitted kits are made custom to each car and the deposit for a fitted kit will secure your booking, once you've paid the deposit please email us at to book the days you can leave your car with us.

typically we require 3-4days to complete the full wrap or livery design. you car will be in a fully insured unit with security alarms and CCTV.

All supplied kits will come with everything required to have this design, we advise to seek a professional vehicle wrapper to do the larger panels or even fit the whole kit supplied for you.


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