August 26TH, 2018 


On August 26, 2018 Wekfest took on New Jersey, It was a beautiful Sunday morning. This will be my third wekfest I have attended. Every year the cars are more advanced and enhanced, cars keep with trends and also keep with the purpose of building a car. I pulled into the venue around 10am (est) and I could already smell the race fuel and hear the loud exhaust.

A lot of heavy hitters hit this show particularly because its one of the biggest in the US, and has grown extremely over the years. The show started around 1pm, and the minute that the doors opened the venue was flooded. The overall vibe and atmosphere of the show was incredible, people were reuniting with friends, families were walking around smiling have a blast. The whole wekfest team did an amazing job on putting together yet another wonderful show. As I walk around I start to get a glimpse at the quality and the diverse builds that were accepted into the show. Cars with unique parts and modifications, from slammed and cambered out cars, to top notch track fitment, also some old school rat rods and twin turbo Lamborghini’s  were placed all over the venue. A lot of the builds were picture perfect.


I had the pleasure of talking with a few owners, and few fans walking around the show. I talk to Owner of a bagged BMW M4 Nick Kraft, who drove all the way from Maryland, which is about a 4 hour drive. This was his first event of the year. 

 When I asked him why he had stated because this is a great and quality show. Nick will only be attending two more shows this year which are First Class Fitment, held in Princeton NJ, and possibly Simply Clean Nine Which is held in Destination Dayton Beach FL. On the East coast they are some of the more elite shows to attend. Wekfest is known for its quality and consistency of cars that are accepted. 


As the day goes on I see nothing but smiles laughs and happiness throughout the entire event. I see groups of friends discussing future plans for their cars, I see car club members getting together for group photos. The show brings people and families together, there is no hate and or disrespect at this show. The show is very big on positivity, respect and love. 


Drew Evans G37 Liberty Walk Four door is one of the most unique cars. It is also custom and shaved so all body lines match up. With its custom candy red paint job and built motor, it stands out to most people. The car has won plenty of event and trophies, but they do not do justice to the perfection this car has. 


A car that stood out to me was Chris Kanes Rat rod. The car has been under construction for roughly two years, and This was the first event anyone was able to take a peek at the twin turbo monster. 

The car is sitting perfect on Volk Te 37s, while also having a 2jz engine. The Model A was incredible to see in person for the first time. The man hours and patients with the car really showed how great it was. 

The event started to slowly die down around 5;30pm with awards taking place at 615. Around 7 all the car owners returned to their cars and got ready to pull out. Watching all the cars roll of the event was a one of a kind. Watching everyone crowd the exit and everyone enjoying the moment, snapping pictures and videos. I saw little kids jumping up and down in excitement to see the cars come out This event brings joy and happiness to the car community. Not many shows around do it like wekfest does. They have made a great name for themselves here on the east coast. We will surely be attending next year. 

Written and Photos 

Coverage by

Jake Distasio